Learn More About The Power of Aqueous Ozone


Is Your Terrifying Toothbrush Keeping You Up At Night? 

According to researchers at the University of Manchester your toothbrush is a germ magnet...




The Weather Outside is Frightening & So Is Your Winter Gear

No need to bundle up for a detergent run...



O3waterworks, The Ultimate Tidy Travel Buddy

A must-have for the traveling season.

The Sanitizing Spray Bottle is the key to traveling with a peace of mind...






O3waterworks Green Gift Guide 🎁

The perfect present for the planet.

This bottle is the surprise that will sleigh this holiday season...






Don’t Be a Turkey, Clean While You Cook This Thanksgiving

Our food-safe Aqueous Ozone technology is something to be truly thankful for.

With just one spray, turkey germs stay away...





♻️ The Clean, Green, Hospitality Machine ♻️

Cleanliness is next to environmental friendliness...






Save 🍓 Your 🍓 Berries 🍓

Aqueous Ozone can help your most delicate produce last longer.

Make your berries last longer with O3...






Dwell Time ⏰ Are You Cleaning Correctly?

Are you making this huge cleaning mistake?

How to clean effectively with the Sanitizing Spray Bottle. 







Bye Bye Smell 👋 🤢

How does Aqueous Ozone break down even the most stubborn smells?

Get rid of any odor with Aqueous Ozone from the o3waterworks Sanitizing Spray Bottle.








Have We Met??? 😉

The all-in-one cleaner you didn't know you needed.

Get to know the Sanitizing Spray Bottle from o3waterworks.







Rescue Your Produce with Aqueous Ozone! 🥕🍏🍓

Aqueous Ozone eliminates pesticides, sanitizes, and improves your produce's shelf life. 

The simple solution to cleaning fruits and veggies starts here...






Laundry ➕ Cold Water ➖ Detergent = 💲💲 in Your Pocket!

The Smart Laundry System saves you money in three ways. 

A laundry system that helps your wallet, health, clothes and the environment.








How To Avoid a Cleaning Hangover 😫

Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds can cause headaches.

Why Aqueous Ozone won't cause you any trouble...






🌻🌻 Protect and Nourish your Plants with o3 🌷🌷

See the benefits to exposing your plants to Aqueous Ozone.







👋 Say Goodbye to Laundry Detergent 👋

Ditch the harmful chemicals and switch to Aqueous Ozone, a powerful cleaner that uses only cold water. 







An Aqueous Ozone Spray Bottle for Your Business

Meet the EnozoPro!







🐶 Safe For Your Pets, Too! 😸

Four tips for keeping your pets clean with our Sanitizing Spray Bottle.







The Secret to Ozone's Success

Wondering how our products actually work and clean?








Got Mold? 🤢 We've Got You Covered

Our Sanitizing Spray Bottle attacks mold fast...








Avoid Food Borne Illnesses Before It's Too Late

Our CEO talks about the motivation behind starting o3waterworks.







🌿 Spring Cleaning just got easier and cheaper!! 🌼

Spring cleaning is going green this year






⚡⚡ Lightning in a Bottle ⚡⚡
The cleansing power of a thunderstorm...in a spray bottle.






💎 Make It Shine Like A Diamond 💎

Diamonds that (make your countertops) shine.





What Can't It Clean?! 😮 O3's Many Uses
Ozone is used in industries around the world.