Don’t Be a Turkey, Clean While You Cook This Thanksgiving

Don’t Be a Turkey, Clean While You Cook This Thanksgiving




Multitasking has been mastered with O3waterworks Sanitizing Spray Bottle. The sanitizing powers of our Aqueous Ozone solution will keep those sweet potatoes spore-less and will leave your surfaces looking so stunning that you’ll be free to dispose of that collection of cleaning supplies you have hiding under your sink. Clean while you cook this Turkey Day so you aren’t stuck with the scraps.


Aqueous Ozone Who?


Aqueous Ozone or O3 is the combination of three loosely bound oxygen atoms that are the driving force behind our non-toxic, multi-purpose clean. When these three atoms are combined with our technology, they release an oxygen ion which oxidizes and kills any unwanted microorganisms it comes in contact with. After you fill the Sanitizing Spray Bottle’s 10oz chamber with water from your tap you have the ability to attack the cellular walls of germs, bacteria, and odors in the palm of your hand. Since you’re using oxygen and water to keep your space flawless you can clean as you go. No need to pull out any of your outdated chemical cleaners after you eat. From your grocery haul to your countertops Aqueous Ozone has been FDA approved to sanitize your food and is equally effective as your one and done countertop cleaner. 


Our Mission in Your Kitchen…


  • To keep fruit and veggies lasting longer and tasting better. Our FDA approved, food safe O3waterwork’s Sanitizing Spray Bottle kills mold before it spreads. One spritz and mold spores oxidize into mist giving you more time to be creative in the kitchen.
  • To end the fight against garlic fingers. If you’re anything like us you love using fragrant elements in your cooking but hate smelling like it after. When the oxygen ion that is released from the Sanitizing Spray Bottle makes contact with your hands it breaks down the lingering odor molecules. Leave the garlic where it belongs…in the pan.
  • Making bacteria back down. Aqueous Ozone has been proven to kill 99.9% of the most common bacteria found in your kitchen including salmonella, e.coli, pseudomonas, aeruginosa and staphylococcus. Spray and wipe or just spray and walk away, it makes no difference, all that will be left behind is fresh water and a glimmering countertop.
To make your life easier. Charge the Sanitizing Spray Bottle’s long lasting battery overnight for an all day clean. At O3waterworks we are dedicated to doing our part to protect the planet. Each bottle is guaranteed to last for three years or 600 refills. No more last minute runs to the store, just more time cooking for the people you love.



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