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Game Changer!!

We like others were extremely hesitant at the possibility of having clean clothes without using any detergents. We have an infant and toddler in our home, and 3 out of 4 household members have extremely sensitive skin & allergies. Our clothes are somehow cleaner than they were before and there's no need to read labels for chemicals or fragrances anymore which were always sneaked into "fragrance-free items". The spray bottle gives us much peace of mind, our toddler reaches for it to clean up any spills, no concerns of our infant putting something in her mouth right after. Worse case if the bottle spills its only water!

Great Products

I rarely post reviews but I am so impressed with these products that I decided to. I have purchased 2 of the spray bottles and 2 laundry units. I use them daily! I use the spray bottle for everything for cleaning and sanitizing windows, mirrors, counters, stoves, floors,rugs, dishwasher and yes even tile grout! I was amazed that it cleaned the grout better than the usual product I use, without the harsh chemical smell. I was a little skeptical of the laundry unit but am more than pleased 😀 It even took out the Hawaii red dirt, from garden clothes, better than bleach! To top it off, the customer service from the Hawaii rep (Travis) was more than exceptional! He was very knowledgeable. The information and experience he shared solidified my buying of the product. I tell everyone about it and am even sending one to my step mother, on the mainland. Thank you o3 waterworks!


We are so happy with our O3WaterWorks products! The laundry system is amazing. It took a couple of washes to get the "work" out of my husband's clothes, but now, one wash and they are smelling good. Just can't say enough good things about these products.

Worth it!

I went looking for this type of solution after watching Down to Earth with Zac Efron and seeing Paris clean their entire city water with no chemicals, just ozone. A quick search turned up O3waterworks. We ordered the bundle and both work great. Kills COVID, super safe, berries last way longer, no detergent anymore, great for your skin instead of detergent, and great for the environment too! We liked the set up so much we just finished the basement and added another laundry room and another one of these awesome machines. Well worth the price, so easy to use and install. I tell a ton of people about this and most are skeptics but when I explain the science, they are converted too. The upfront cost will save you for many years and limit your exposure to dangerous cleaning chemicals.


Having two year old twin boys that were born prematurely made me a little bit more cautious about germs and chemicals around my babies. I purchased the bundle and I’m totally amazed by both. This stuff has really settled my mind about chemicals around my boys. Also, makes me feel like I’m contributing in some way in making the world a better place by helping reducing the pollution levels in our water supply. I don’t think many realize the harm that chemical cleaners have on out water supply. I have to say I was a bit skeptical esp about the laundry attachment but I’m more than happy. Cloths come out with a fresh laundry smell and work wonders on toddler cloths. I’m recommending this stuff to all friends and family! Thank you for making the wild a better place. Please make available in UK as got family that are really interesting in purchasing.

Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

First off, I had my doubts about all this. But I decided to reach out and ask the toughest questions I could come up with. And low and behold I was contacted immediately by a true gentleman and an expert in his field. He answered every single question and even sent me a whole heap of reading material on these products (from FDA certifications to data on all the tests performed on these products). I was floored...and sold.

We've had our laundry system and sprayer for a little while and we are so incredibly impressed. Clothes are cleaner, softer and better all-around and the washing machine doesn't smell of mold. The sprayer is remarkable at cleaning and disinfecting. My wife and I have a 10 month old daughter and we are so pleased to know we can finally clean her toys without worrying about what exactly is in the cleaning solution. As for examples: I had some shirts that had gone through a detergent wash with deodorant left inside the pits. The deodorant residue never came off. So I put them through with the O3 Laudry system.The deodorant residue was completely gone. As an experiment, I decided to do a load and leave it in the machine for three days and when I opened it up,still no mildew smell.Lastly, I had a shirt that was less than pleasant smelling.So I sprayed one underarm with the O3 sprayer and one with plain water. Incredible. The smell from the O3 side was gone, while the other side continued to remain unpleasant. Thank you O3waterworks for two miraculous products.

Great products, great service

Been regularly using both for the last couple weeks and I am happy. My washing machine is too, the laundry room smells actually clean instead of scented "clean" now. There was a small problem with the laundry unit and when I contacted customer service the response was expedient and courteous and probably one of the best online customer experience exchanges I've experienced. I had been looking for a home aqueous o3 solution for a while and this was definitely the answer.


Had to see for myself!

I wanted to wait a while before I shared my experience with the O3 Waterworks Laundry System. Wow, was I impressed with how simple it was to install and operate. Just put your clothes in and turn it on. That's it! Lots of Bubbles with clean and fresh smelling laundry. I did have a few questions initially, so I reached out to their support team's email address. There response was almost immediate and very detailed. The would also be available by phone if I needed additional technical support. I am so happy with my o3 laundry unit that I invited some friends over and told them to bring some dirty clothes. They were also blown away with how well it cleaned their clothes too! Not having to buy laundry detergent is another huge plus. And the lint in my drier is almost non-existent! So thankful for their technology!

Easy to install and clothes smell great!

This smart laundry system is like a gift from the laundry gods! I could not be more impressed. My laundry machine works as it always does, except I don't have to use detergent anymore!!! And my clothes come out smelling as good as ever. It truly works.

Installation was easy and took just a few minutes. All it took was putting three screws into the wall and attaching the water hose to the new system. Honestly, if I can do it, anyone can.

The amount that I save in detergent and hot water will pay for this machine in very little time. Can't argue with that!

Good, clean and fun!

We started with the bottle and then dove into the laundry system. I can't say it was super simple for us, but that is exactly why I am leaving a review. We have an old (like really old) washing machine and the system didn't work the first time, so the 03 team sent us a replacement to try. It didn't work the second time. Soooo many kind emails later, guiding us through a testing process, we determined the old machine was one of the rare ones just not compatible with the system. BUT 03 team didn't stop there. Engineers and the unflappable Scott worked on a solution and we now have everything running easily, perfectly and sustainably. No need for a new washer, no need for detergent - just fresh, clean laundry for our family of 6 (+ cat) every day. Thank you from my heart and the now-empty bottom of the laundry basket!

Liked it so much I bought another one.

I love it. Installed for more than 6 months. Perfect for sanitizing laundry for my Air BnB. I love using it for my family laundry. My son and his wife love using It too. Smelly exercise clothes and sun screen all wash away and smell good. When you first start using, the wash still suds as all the old soap residue washes out of your laundry. Then everything is soft and clean and smells fresh. Easy to use.

Surprisingly works!

We first tested this with cloth diapers and they came out of our front loader fresh and clean. Poop stains were there, but that happens with detergent as well. Even after this, I was still skeptical and it didn’t feel right not putting detergent in with my work clothes. I was happy to see that they came out clean! You still have to treat stains and sometimes missed stains are noticed after drying, just like with laundry detergent. They’re not claiming some super powered product that works better than detergent. It’s a detergent and fabric softener replacement. Even so it STILL just doesn’t feel right not using detergent. I still use oxy clean with my whites and I did with detergent as well. I recommend this product!

Didn’t believe it, but I love it!!!

I didn’t believe this would really work, but I decided to give it a try, and it’s simply amazing. We absolutely love it. I now know what I’m giving all my children for Christmas this year. Just amazing!!


We absolutely LOVE our laundry system. We are a family of 6 with four children 12 and under. The laundry system is so incredibly simple that now all of my children are doing their own laundry! Hello more free time for mom!! We had a couple of hiccups with our system at the start, and another six months later, and their customer service can absolutely not be beat. Not only did the owner contact me himself, but he worked with me directly to solve our issues. We will continue praising this company and their amazing system for years to come!

I love technology especially when it is good for the environment

We have tested this with soiled bed sheets from my toddler with no more stink or smell. Soiled clothes from diaper explosions same results. Best part is it uses less energy because of the cold water. If something is really bad I presoak it with old fashioned oxyclean but beyond that we haven't purchased any more soap since getting this!

Now I want to do laundry!

Where do I my husband installed it in about 15min, I ran a clean washer cycle ( now my washer didn’t really have a smell before but after it was like a heavenly rain 🌧 ), so onto my first load of laundry....I did a white towel that had dirt all over it (to give it a true cleaning power test) and then all my other bath towels...they all came out smelling so great and clean. The white towel with the just pure white. Then a tumble in the dryer and as they came out I thought each towel was softer than the last. So I started another load, and another, and then I was washing sheets, and coats and pretty much anything I could find because I LOVE IT!!

So to wrap it all up..I’m so glad you created this so we can help save the planet and our clothes.


I have a guesthouse and I wanted to do something about the amount of soap and plasic bottle that I am using. I do not use hot water in my wash but my dryer has a sanitization to it. This is amazing and I loved it so much I ordered a second one. It does take out the odor. You know that if you should go away for the weekend and forgot that you left something in the wash you donot have to worry because it will not smell. Studies have shown that alot of the chemicals in our detergents do not have to be listed. We sleep eat and breathe all of these chemicals everyday. This changes everything and even if you wanted to use the detergents you can use that option. I have ordered soapnuts just in case I decide to use soap as this is natural and comes in a canvas bag that I can reuse for my shoes. They should be advertised together. I also think PETA should advertise this. I just ordered a second for my other washing machine. This is an investment for you and the earth. Congratulations on this fantastic product.


Works for cloth diapers!

I saw the amazing ad on Facebook and was intrigued so I started researching the technology. I cloth diaper my 10 month old (pockets with flour sack towel inserts) so I was very hesitant to try something without detergent. I was using Tide Free and Clear as well as Oxyclean and had tried a couple of different water softeners and my diapers still had a distinct smell to them. My daughter also had a mild never ending diaper rash which I assumed was from one of the chemicals I was using. I emailed back and forth with customer service a few times until Cody eventually gave me his phone number so we could talk through some of my questions and he was AWESOME! After talking to him I decided to buy myself (and my family) an early Christmas present and oh my goodness I’m so glad I did! I still do a warm pre-wash with 1/2 amount of detergent (Costco Free and Clear) to get rid of poop stains, but now I just do a heavy cycle with an extra rinse on cold with no detergent on boost for the main wash and my diapers come out stink free! I’ve been using this system for almost 2 months and it has exceeded all of my expectations. My sister came to visit for a few months and is so impressed with how well it works she is trying to convince her boyfriend to get one for their house! Highly recommend!

Pretty nifty all in all.

My wife showed me the ad for this a couple weeks back. We thought it was really well done.

Spent the next week reading up on the ozone laundry system idea. Finally felt intrigued enough to email customer support with some questions. They got back to me within a half hour with a really detailed response to all my questions, along with a comparison chart showing the different products on the market. Decided to give it a go.

Super easy to install. Biggest issue was our washing machine hoses were old and corroded. Added a diverter valve to the output so we can use the ozone water for cleaning as well. Pro-tip: Go to the garden section of the hardware store. Don't waste an hour in the plumbing section like I did.

Biggest thing we've notice is that "towel smell" is GONE. Like a miracle. That alone sells it for me.

Still haven't done enough laundry to test the no-detergent claims, our detergent is cheap so I don't really mind. Washing on cold is a bigger selling point for me. Our hot water bill is way too high every month.

Near as I can tell it's the same technology as the squirt bottle they sell, so I would recommend getting this and just doing your own point of use filling up of a spray bottle or bucket if you want to clean with it.

Had some questions about the safety of off-gassed ozone, support mentioned they wouldn't be allowed to sell in California if it was even mildly questionable.

Will it save you money? No idea.

Pretty fun to play around with though. I approve.

Wow! A Machine That Not Only Disinfects, Sanitizes and Removes Odor for Your Clothes, But Also Inside Your Washer!

We ordered the bundled version that includes both the Bottle & Laundry Unit and cannot rave enough about it to our family & friends. We bring our bottle to demonstrate, but we also say how having the laundry unit has not only cleaned smelly towels and clothes so well, but also the internal parts (i.e.- the bacteria & mildew buildup on the rubber parts inside the machine where used water flows & drains) of our washing machine! Pro-tip -- we bought a $3 plastic hose to attach to the one of the ends of the laundry unit that allows us to fill bucketfuls of aqueous ozone so we can use it to kill bacteria and move smells in our kitchen & bathroom sink drains, etc. ALL NATURAL! No more need to throw in lemons into food garbage disposal unit for the kitchen sink or pouring corrosive chemical draino gel liquids into our bathroom sinks just to disinfect or sanitize! The laundry unit is the only out of other competitors that is a smart unit and has sensors that automatically detect & adjust the amount of aqueous ozone based off the water pressure, temperature, hardness of water, etc. We're saving so much money washing without laundry detergents and heated water!

Water bottle review will continue in the water bottle section! :)

Love it

Great product, love that I can clean fruits and vegetables with it safely!


I was so happy with the 03waterworks spray bottle I decided to try the 03 laundry system and let me tell you this works Fantastic!!!
I work selling crabs and seafood and I can tell you my clothes get pretty smelly and stained up and the cost of laundry chemicals as you know are very expensive and I feel the chemicals really only mask the smell of my clothes. Since I have been using the 03 waterworks laundry system my clothes come out cleaner, brighter and truly fresh smelling. I have a gas hot water heater and knowing I am only using cold water with out chemicals Saving money and being great for the environment this is the only way to go.
Thank You
For saving the environment, and saving me money.


O3 is simply AMAZING!

Stop reading these reviews and buy this product now! Not only is the quality of the product above and beyond, but it also delivers on everything that's promised! I spray my 1-year-olds toys with it and rest easy knowing that everything she puts in her mouth (which, as fellow parents know, is everything...) is clean! It's the perfect product for today's environment! I love using it after having guests at the house, spraying doorknobs, and eliminating pet odors. My dog beds smell as fresh as the day we bought them! The fact that there are no harmful chemicals like other cleaning products simply amazes me! Why has the mass public not heard of this technology?!?!?

I wish I could take this thing with me everywhere! If you guys find a way to somehow attach this to a wrist with a spiderman like attachment, please let me know. I'll be a shopping cart and public doorknob superhero! Simply put, This product is amazing. I will be purchasing the laundry unit as well in the near future.


A magical little bottle

This bottle is magic! I was skeptical at first, but it cleans as good as anything I've ever used. The difference is, this only requires water (and some electricity).

I spray it on my countertops, produce, cutting boards, dog bowls and more. It gets the smell out of my kids' shoes, my dog's bed and even my dog (no joke. I spray it on him and his paws).

Amazing product. Well worth the cost, considering how much this will save me in cleaning supplies.

I have 10 children - 2 with asthma - this is a lifesaver!

We greatly reduced our plastic waste footprint, our monthly cleaning supply expenses, while getting a better clean that does not trigger asthma symptoms in the kids or myself! I highly recommend this product! It was certainly more expensive upfront than I prefer, but it was WELL worth the money and ended up saving us money. The customer service has also been amazing and I can't say enough positive about this product. (Except the charging cord needs a GPS as the kids have been known to lose it! :)

I love it.

I was skeptical at first, but once I started using it, you can definitely smell the ozone added to the water. I use it on my kitchen counters and when I wipe it off, it never leaves a residue and does not streak. I just need to figure out how to clean the reservoir.

Love My O3!

My son showed me his O3 bottle a few months ago, and I bought mine in preparation for a trip to visit him. I use it to sanitize and freshen everything from my car (no more food or dog odors) to furniture and bedding. It even makes my stinky shoes (even golf shoes that have slogged through the mud) smell better. It cleans fruits and veggies and makes them last longer. I wish I'd gotten one sooner.


I love this product. I'm so happy to have gotten rid of so many cleaners. It does a better job, doesn't leave a residue and is so versatile. I use it on my glass top tables and no streaks at all in just one swipe. I even used it to spray some old stains out of a mattress. I now clean all my produce as soon as I get it home which makes cooking each night that much quicker and easier. My only question is... can I get this in a spray mop please? :)

Rid yourself of chemicals

This is awesome for people that love to frequently clean and are tired of spending so much on chemical cleaners and tired of using the chemical cleaners. I've used this on everything from face masks, kids toys, the bathroom it is amazing how it just works. Love the product!

I love love love this cleaner

I clean all around my place with this stuff, and even the shared laundry room in my condo building. It removes all the yuck from the washing machine & dryer and gives me confidence that my clothes are being cleaned w/o sharing my neighbor's germs. I also use it with my face masks which keeps them smelling fresh.

Like a lightning storm in a spray bottle!

I've been going all around the house armed with my O3 spray bottle and some microfiber towels. I spray, wait 30 seconds, then wipe down - windows, mirrors, walls, counters, fixtures, door handles, toilets. So great knowing that all the germs have been zapped! And I love being able to just refill and go, no waste like with using disposable wipes. No more buying chemical shower cleaners that give headaches and fill the house with potent smells. Come this winter, I'll be spraying everything down with aqueous ozone to keep the Covid germs out of our house.

The smell is very faint, but it's like that fresh smell after a thunder and lightning storm. Even more amazing is its deodorizing power. I've used it on stinky work out wear and my teen son's polyester sports shirts. Spray and the stink smell is gone! I'll have to test it out on my daughter's sneakers!

Love it! Wish I knew about it sooner

I absolutely love it!
I’ve been using this O3 spray bottle all over the house ... and not only! I use it to clean and disinfect counters, sinks, faucets, showers. To clean my white outdoor furniture. To sanitize groceries when I take them into the house (... no need for all those wipes anymore!). To wash fruits and veggies. To remove puppy smell from my furry baby’s toys and bed, which now easily smell like rain!! This bottle is also safe to wash his paws and coat after a walk or play in the yard if muddy. Since I got this spray, I’ve been having fun cleaning and checking out what else I can clean without the use of bleach or other hard chemicals. Best of all, my younger boy loves to clean with it too 🙌🏻
I wish I found out about it in March. It would have saved me from using all those wipes and bleach products to keep my family safe from COVID. Now all I need is water and this bottle. Simply brilliant!!



Our back porch and deck face north, so our white railings and white outdoor furniture frequently need to be cleaned of mildew and algae. I already liked using the O3 sprayer in the kitchen and bathroom, but I was still a little skeptical about how well it sanitizes. Today I tried it on our railings and was astonished by how easily they cleaned up with just an old rag and aqueous ozone. No bleach or commercial cleaners, no scrub brushes or buckets of water. (I don’t use a power washer for fear of harming the finish.) Cleaning is actually easy and fun, and I am totally sold now.

Wow! A Bottle That Is All-In-One, No Cartidges Needed, Instant 30-Second Virus & Bacteria-Killing Effect, Better than Hypochlorous Acid, And Only Needs Water!

We ordered the bundled version that includes both the Bottle & Laundry Unit and cannot rave enough about it to our family & friends. We bring our bottle to demonstrate as well and they are mind blown that aqueous/ozonated water like this can do so much!

We use the spray bottle for fruits & vegetable washings, disinfecting our hands (better than hand sanitizer gels), feet, FACE MASKS, toothbrushes, razors, CPAP nose pillows and tubing, sandals, clothes, countertops, toilets, sinks & sink handles, dishes, cups, handles, mirrors, plants, leather sofa, pretty much anything that needs a wipe! The applications are endless as there are no synthetic chemicals to be concerned of that would leave residue or cause allergic or harmful reactions. Works faster & safer than bleach as well as UV-C! It also seems to break down some calcification issues some places that have hard water leave behind as well. Get the bundle -- you won't regret it!

Best purchase of 2020

I am absolutely in love with this! I’ve only had the spray bottle for a short time, but have been using it daily on everything from groceries, packaging, countertops, bathroom, my dog’s paws and muzzle, sanitizing hands, car, and the list goes on. I love the “rain” smell and it is so easy to use. Better yet, one charge seems to last much longer than 3 refills- I’ve only charged it once so far and have been using it for about a week. This is the best thing (after masks) to use during this pandemic. My family members have also converted!

Great for all tasks

I love this thing! A spray bottle to replace kitchen clean ups, bathroom mirrors, even the couch. We love it and it's so easy to just fill with water and go. I had a question about cleaning it and got a response email almost immediately, so their customer service is fabulous as well.

My wife loves it

My wife loves this . One time purchase and saves money from then on . It’s the only thing she uses in our kitchen on counters and on canned food when brought in from the grocery store . I highly recommend this spray bottle to anyone for safe way to sanitize without chemicals the use of dangerous chemicals .

Amazing Device

I recently purchased the spray bottle and I use it on everything. It leave no residue and is so easy to use. Customer service is so fast with any questions you may have. Truly worth it especially with flu season upon us. You can feel how clean everything is.

So amazing

It’s great. I wash down my counters and everything, even after cooking with chicken. I wash my hands with it and noticed that they are softer. It’s Amazing, how do you do it?

Very Useful!

I love using the O3 Spray Bottle to clean around our house. With a new baby around we want to be careful with the chemicals we are using and the O3 Spray Bottle allows us to clean our fruits and veggies, baby pacifier, and even bathroom without harsh cleaners and toxic fumes. Couldn't recommend it more.

Love it!

I LOVE THIS BOTTLE! Whenever I spray cleaners around the house, it irritates my lungs and I start coughing. I don’t have that problem anymore. I love that I can clean just about anything and I don’t have to clean off the soaps. It’s amazing on mildews and I even use it on my electric toothbrush.