O3waterworks Smart Laundry System Customer Reviews

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Now I want to do laundry!


Where do I start....so my husband installed it in about 15min, I ran a clean washer cycle ( now my washer didn’t really have a smell before but after it was like a heavenly rain 🌧 ), so onto my first load of laundry....I did a white towel that had dirt all over it (to give it a true cleaning power test) and then all my other bath towels...they all came out smelling so great and clean. The white towel with the dirt....now just pure white. Then a tumble in the dryer and as they came out I thought each towel was softer than the last. So I started another load, and another, and then I was washing sheets, and coats and pretty much anything I could find because I LOVE IT!!

So to wrap it all up..I’m so glad you created this so we can help save the planet and our clothes.


Best Laundry Decision Ever

Delia A Landstrom

I will admit the thought of not using detergent threw me a bit. But now after using the system for a couple of years I have to say I am a fan for life. Would 100% recommend this product to anyone and everyone.


Won’t do laundry without the O3 Waterworks System!

Brian Getchius

This has been the best purchase we’ve ever made for our laundry. We’ve been using this system for about 2-1/2 years through two houses. You have to see it and experience it to believe it. We are very chemical conscientious and would rather use as few as possible, or in the case of our O3 System; Zero Chemicals! This cleans our clothes so wonderfully and the fresh smell of rain is how everything comes out of the washer. We have a toddler and this cleans his clothes incredibly well without any chemicals at all. When we moved last year, we made sure we ordered another O3 system before we ever ran a load of laundry at the new house. The customer service has been out of this world, and they have a customer for life. We can’t stop talking about how great system has been for us and we tell everyone we know!


Worth every penny!

Rodney Jorgensen

This unit is expensive but after spending time doing lots of research, it rated far and away superior to all other ones on the market. We took a chance and boy are we happy! This unit performs beyond our expectations. No more laundry detergent and an added bonus, no more fabric softener or static sheets in the dryer. That’s right, just ionized water. That’s it! Clean, fresh, static free, odor free, soft laundry. If you’re on the fence like I was because of the price, I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Only one surprise was the size. It is larger than I expected but it fits nicely on the wall.


Easy to install and clothes smell great!


This smart laundry system is like a gift from the laundry gods! I could not be more impressed. My laundry machine works as it always does, except I don't have to use detergent anymore!!! And my clothes come out smelling as good as ever. It truly works.

Installation was easy and took just a few minutes. All it took was putting three screws into the wall and attaching the water hose to the new system. Honestly, if I can do it, anyone can.

The amount that I save in detergent and hot water will pay for this machine in very little time. Can't argue with that!


Didn’t believe it, but I love it!!!

David Farber

I didn’t believe this would really work, but I decided to give it a try, and it’s simply amazing. We absolutely love it. I now know what I’m giving all my children for Christmas this year. Just amazing!!


Liked it so much I bought another one.

Mary Ann McCandless

I love it. Installed for more than 6 months. Perfect for sanitizing laundry for my Air BnB. I love using it for my family laundry. My son and his wife love using It too. Smelly exercise clothes and sun screen all wash away and smell good. When you first start using, the wash still suds as all the old soap residue washes out of your laundry. Then everything is soft and clean and smells fresh. Easy to use.


Had to see for myself!


I wanted to wait a while before I shared my experience with the O3 Waterworks Laundry System. Wow, was I impressed with how simple it was to install and operate. Just put your clothes in and turn it on. That's it! Lots of Bubbles with clean and fresh smelling laundry. I did have a few questions initially, so I reached out to their support team's email address. There response was almost immediate and very detailed. The would also be available by phone if I needed additional technical support.

I am so happy with my o3 laundry unit that I invited some friends over and told them to bring some dirty clothes. They were also blown away with how well it cleaned their clothes too! Not having to buy laundry detergent is another huge plus. And the lint in my drier is almost non-existent! So thankful for their technology!



Dana Eaton

The o3 water bottle introduced me to the amazing benefits of using o3. The laundry system has taken it to the next level! My clothes are cleaner, whiter and fresher than you can possibly imagine...AND you don't need to use detergent. I was without my system for a month while on vacation and noticed the difference. I'm happy to be home and back to clean laundry. For those of you worried about installing the system.....it's a breeze. I did it myself in a just a few minutes. Once you have this system, we will never want to be without it!


Great product that actually works!

Cosmin Achim

I'm on my 2nd unit in 6 years and I absolutely recommend this product! It works and leaves your clothes feeling fresh and soft! Will buy this again and again




So I’m a fussy New Yorker who tends to be hard on reviews. When I say I am amazed at the 03 waterworks system I have the proof. My other half comes home in after work covered in greasy grimy khakis shorts. After installing the unit in under 30 minutes and after consistently spending money on pods/bleach/softener not to mention hot water bills it was like someone waved a magic wand and made all these products disappear. My laundry is spotless and the fabric is soft and smells great. No way did I think cold water and nothing else could clean and sanitize so completely. I was wrong. This is the real deal! I fell so in love with the laundry unit that I had to have the spray bottle as well. I use that on my dog, (his coat feels soft and he has stopped itching)my fruit and vegetables, my countertops, in my sneakers.

This product has replaced so many of my toxic cleaners and I feel great about no longer polluting the environment with plastics, waste and chemicals. I truly was skeptical and love that I was proved wrong. My eyes got wide when I initially saw the price but when I added up what I spent on ALL the other necessary laundry/cleaning items the system paid for itself in a few short months. Easy to use and everything was included in the box, no add-ons or gimmicks. Customer service rep responded immediately to the questions I had prior to purchasing. Can’t say enough. Buy and try you won’t be disappointed.


Well worth the money

Tina Putnam

Yes, it cleans your clothes all with cold water and no laundry detergent. The smell is the best part!


One of the best investments I've ever made


I have been using the o3waterworks laundry system for 4 years and LOVE IT! Clothes come out clean & fresh & I save a ton on not purchasing laundry detergent. Having said that, when it comes to my linen bed sheets, I do add a tad bit of detergent more for the scent than for cleaning as One of my luxuries is getting into bed with fresh, scented sheets...... If you are on the fence, do it!!! No regrets. Wondering how long this device will keep working...so far so good.


It works and is extremely easy to install, even comes with a template took 20 minutes.

Nancy Repp

We bought one of these 4 years ago as a gift when our son and his wife were expecting their first child. Four years later after seeing hundreds of photos of our granddaughter ( bib less ) and a mess of food from hair to waist, it hit me, maybe laundry isn't an issue for her parents.

I called my son to find out if it was the ozone system. He said he loved it and would replace it in a heartbeat. So we got one. The first test, a few days ago, was a splotch of spaghetti sauce on a pale fleece top that I would ordinarily have pretreated but din't. The stain was gone. You can smell the ozone while washing but it isn't unpleasant and your clean laundry has no smell and no detergent fragrance or residue.


Who would have thought


We’ve been using the O3 system for two years. We love it. All natural way to clean your clothes. Who would’ve thought.


Life changer!

John G

My wife and I have had our unit for over 2 years now and life has never been the same! I suffer from skin irritation due to perfumes that exist in regular detergents, forcing my wife to contend with using Perfume/Dye free detergents. I never knew that there was a completely natural solution that would not only get our clothes really clean, save us money and most importantly be good for the environment. This unit is a home run! The only downfall is the initial investment, but I was raised to believe you get what you pay for and this is worth every penny!! Thank you so much!!


We’re obsessed!

Chays Love

We weren’t sure what to expect, but we were hooked after our very first load of laundry!

When the water is running you can definitely smell the ozone; kind of a metallic scent.

Once the clothes are done there is no smell at all.

It actually got our whites whiter & our colors brighter!!! Never thought it would be so legit.


Worth the investment, I give it 10 stars


I’ve had my laundry unit for over two years now and I would never be without it. I feel so confident, putting my laundry in the wash machine and pushing the buttons for the Aqueous Zone, It has a remote control, which makes it really easy for people who have their washing machine stacked or difficult location, I also have four of the spray bottles I spray my vegetables with it, I spray my toothbrush, along with my retainer, all my cutter boards, and the garlic tests works. ( rub garlic on you hands and use the spray bottle on your hands and there is no garlic smell at all) I use it for everything, I have dogs, I use it for spraying their paws, and accidents in the house. I use it for their beds, I use it for literally everything.



Yvette Cruz

I have a guesthouse and I wanted to do something about the amount of soap and plastic bottle that I am using. I do not use hot water in my wash but my dryer has a sanitization to it. This is amazing and I loved it so much I ordered a second one. It does take out the odor. You know that if you should go away for the weekend and forgot that you left something in the wash you do not have to worry because it will not smell.

Studies have shown that alot of the chemicals in our detergents do not have to be listed. We sleep eat and breathe all of these chemicals everyday. This changes everything and even if you wanted to use the detergents you can use that option. I have ordered soapnuts just in case I decide to use soap as this is natural and comes in a canvas bag that I can reuse for my shoes. They should be advertised together. I also think PETA should advertise this. I just ordered a second for my other washing machine. This is an investment for you and the earth. Congratulations on this fantastic product.



Albert L

I was so happy with the 03waterworks spray bottle I decided to try the 03 laundry system and let me tell you this works Fantastic!!!

I work selling crabs and seafood and I can tell you my clothes get pretty smelly and stained up and the cost of laundry chemicals as you know are very expensive and I feel the chemicals really only mask the smell of my clothes. Since I have been using the 03 waterworks laundry system my clothes come out cleaner, brighter and truly fresh smelling. I have a gas hot water heater and knowing I am only using cold water with out chemicals Saving money and being great for the environment this is the only way to go.

Thank You 03waterworks.com
For saving the environment, and saving me money.


Ann J

I got it all installed and I flipping LOVE it. I washed everything in the house and now I want to wash more. I have always hated detergents and now I am free! Thanks for this great product.