O3waterworks Green Gift Guide 🎁

O3waterworks Green Gift Guide 🎁



Our Sanitizing Spray Bottle is the perfect present for everyone in your life. This bottle is the surprise that will sleigh this holiday season. O3waterworks Aqueous Ozone technology is a chemical free, sanitizing dynamo that will change the way your friends and family approach cleaning. Whether it’s for the pet owner, the home chef, the traveler, the parent, the gym bro, it doesn’t matter, the Sanitizing Spray Bottle is sure to put you on Santa’s “nice” list for next year.


Cleaning Up the Naughty List






Most home cleaning products are made with chemicals that are bad for the environment and aren’t reindeer safe.



Our Sanitizing Spray Bottle is pet safe, due to Aqueous Ozone, a process that creates an oxygen ion that when combined with tap water becomes a super sanitizing agent. Puppy potty training? Aqueous Ozone kills bacteria, and germs before they spread.



Fruits and veggies from the store can carry food-borne bacteria, that thought really rings some silver bells. 



For the cautious cook the Sanitizing Spray Bottle is the perfect gift. One spray kills 99.9% of common bacteria* and keeps food fresh longer. A holiday miracle!



When you take a plane home this year germs might be hitching a ride as well.



If you had to fly back because your sleigh’s in the shop, take your spray bottle on the road and sanitize on the go.



When your resolution is to spend more time at the gym but you can’t stand the stink.



Aqueous Ozone takes the air right out from under odor. Spray away the smell and get back to your Santa squats.



For the parent whose house is a Christmas cookie catastrophe.



The O3waterworks Sanitizing Spray Bottle is kid safe and elf safe. Sticky toys? Mist away, all that will be left is water that you can wipe up or walk away with a clean conscience. 




*Common bacteria tested include: E. Coli, Staphylococcus aureus (Staph a. or S.aureus) Salmonella, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Enterobacter aerogenes


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