Dwell Time ⏰ Are You Cleaning Correctly?

Dwell Time ⏰ Are You Cleaning Correctly?




What is Dwell Time? ⏰


According to the EPA, dwell time is “The amount of time that a sanitizer or disinfectant must be in contact with the surface, and remain wet, in order to achieve the product’s advertised kill rate.”


In order to kill germs, pathogens or bacteria effectively, it is important to allow the solution to sit on whatever surface you are treating for the right amount of time. And because it needs to remain wet, that means reapplying might be necessary as well.


The most common mistake people make when trying to sanitize is to apply the product and then immediately wipe it off, leaving behind large amounts of germs.


Understanding the different dwell times required by different cleaning products is critical to cleaning effectively.


Most sanitizers need to sit on a surface anywhere from 60 seconds to 10 minutes in order to properly remove the germs they are advertised to kill.



Don't Wait, Get The Bottle


While you’re waiting for that chemical you’ve just applied to do its thing, head over to o3waterworks and order one of our Sanitizing Spray Bottles. Each bottle converts tap water into Aqueous Ozone, a powerful and all-natural sanitizer that can clean and sanitize any surface with a dwell time of just 30 seconds.


Using your Sanitizing Spray Bottle, spray and wipe your surface to clean. To sanitize, spray again, and let sit for just 30 seconds. Wipe up after yourself, or don’t – Aqueous Ozone breaks down quickly, leaving behind only water, oxygen and sanitized surfaces.



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