Rescue Your Produce with Aqueous Ozone! 🥕🍏🍓

Rescue Your Produce with Aqueous Ozone! 🥕🍏🍓



Eating well shouldn't be so complicated


Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential to a healthy diet as they provide our bodies with important vitamins and nutrients. Unfortunately, the produce you pick up from the grocery store is likely covered in harmful pesticides that can counter the benefits we get from eating well. The tap water you are using to clean those fruits and vegetables is highly chlorinated and limited in its ability to break down today’s pesticides.



Rescue Your Produce With Aqueous Ozone


Eating well doesn’t have to be this complicated. The Sanitizing Spray Bottle from o3waterworks will properly sanitize your fruits and vegetables and even help them to last longer. Simply spray down your produce, let it air dry and it’s ready to eat right away. Spraying your food with Aqueous Ozone provides a number of benefits:


Eliminates pesticides and chemicals – When harmful pesticides, commonly used by farmers and food producers, come into contact with Aqueous Ozone, oxidation breaks down their molecular bonds, making them non-toxic.

Improves Shelf Life – Aqueous Ozone can not only kill mold and bacteria, it can guard against their growth on your food. Spraying your produce with the Sanitizing Spray Bottle will help it to last longer.

Leaves no chemical residue – Unlike the chlorine found in your tap water, Aqueous Ozone leaves no residual chemicals behind on your produce. Yes, you’re using that very same tap water to fill your Sanitizing Spray Bottle, but the patented electrolytic cell inside each bottle sanitizes the water before it reaches your food.



How It Works


Ozone (O3) is a naturally occurring substance that exists in the atmosphere, when pairs of Oxygen atoms (O2) combine with singular Oxygen atoms (O). Ozone is often produced during lightning storms, when the electrical charge from the lightning splits O2 molecules into individual O atoms that then combine with O2 atoms to form O3.


That same reaction takes place inside the Sanitizing Spray Bottle. As water passes through the electrolytic cell inside the bottle, paired O2 atoms separate and then reform into O3. That ozone, combined with water, creates Aqueous Ozone, a powerful oxidizer that can break down things like mold, bacteria, viruses and tough stains.



Turns Back Into Water and Oxygen


When the Aqueous Ozone is done breaking down your mess, it simply turns back into Oxygen and water within minutes. Whether you’re cleaning up a spill or stain or sanitizing your food, Aqueous Ozone is safe to consume and safe to spray around your family and pets. The Sanitizing Spray Bottle is FDA Food Code Compliant to be used on all commercial foodservice surfaces for sanitization. It is also compliant to the USDA CFR exemption to spray directly on finished or unfinished foods.



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