šŸ’Ž Make It Shine Like A Diamond šŸ’Ž

šŸ’Ž Make It Shine Like A Diamond šŸ’Ž



We want to give you diamonds.

Real diamonds.

Diamonds that (make your countertops) shine.

Inside every 03waterworks sanitizing spray bottle is an actual diamond. Our patented diamond electrolytic cell looks like a flat, black rectangle that can fit in the palm of your hand. It might not look like your typical gemstone, but, on a molecular level, it is no different.

So why a diamond?

It is the hardest substance known to man and capable of withstanding long-term electrical current. That current turns the diamond in your spray bottle into a catalyst to shock the water passing through it and convert it from H2O to H2O + O3, which is aqueous ozone.

Our diamonds are 100% conflict free and ethically grown over the course of six months in a lab in the United Kingdom.

When they are ready, the diamond electrolytic cells are sent to our factory outside of Boston where our Sanitizing Spray Bottle is ultimately assembled.

So, next time you are spraying down your countertop with your o3waterworks Sanitizing Spray Bottle, remember that the shine you seek comes from a diamond.

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