⚡⚡ Lightning in a Bottle ⚡⚡

⚡⚡ Lightning in a Bottle ⚡⚡



Chances are, you’ve smelled lightning-produced ozone before. You know that clean, crisp smell in the air just before or immediately after a springtime rain shower? That’s ozone and it’s coming from the lightning that accompanies the rain.


The lightning creates chemical changes to the atmosphere, which is made up of pairs of nitrogen atoms (N2) and pairs of oxygen atoms (O2). When lightning heats up the air, it splits these bonded pairs, causing individual nitrogen or oxygen atoms to move around the atmosphere. Most of the atoms pair back up when the air cools down, but some of the O atoms combine with O2, producing O3.


That’s ozone.


When some of that ozone is infused in raindrops, it creates aqueous ozone. As one of nature’s most powerful oxidizers, ozone helps to cleanse the atmosphere by reacting with pollutants like methane and carbon monoxide. The ozone helps to break down harmful molecules that dissolve in the rain and ultimately wash away.


The aqueous ozone created by o3waterworks’ sanitizing spray bottle works in the same way. Oxygen and water pass through our proprietary and patented diamond electrolytic cell and an electric charge briefly separates the O2 molecules into singular O atoms. Some of those atoms then reform into O3 molecules that readily oxidize and destroy harmful microorganisms.


The smell coming from your sanitizing spray bottle reminds you of a springtime thunderstorm because of the ozone in the water, cleaning and oxidizing whatever surface it touches.


If it sounds like lightning in a bottle, that’s because it essentially is.



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