What Can't It Clean?! 😮 O3's Many Uses

What Can't It Clean?! 😮 O3's Many Uses




We love Aqueous Ozone because it is such a versatile and effective cleaner and deodorizer that uses no chemicals or additives. But beyond the o3waterworks Sanitizing Spray Bottle and Smart Laundry Attachment, Ozone is used in industries around the world. Here a few examples of places you can find Ozone in use.



Supermarket Fruits and Vegetables


Those misters hovering over the fruit and vegetables at your local grocery store are spraying Aqueous Ozone that protects produce from microorganisms. The ozone keeps the food safe for consumption and helps it to last longer on the shelf before spoiling.

As consumer awareness of health and food safety has increased, so has the demand for alternatives to chemical based treatments - like chlorinated water - of the fruits and vegetables sold in supermarkets.


Holistic Dentistry

There is an entire industry of dentists who use Ozone in their offices to keep patients’ mouths, teeth and gums clean and free of disease. Aqueous Ozone is used by dentists to wash deep cavities, disinfect teeth prior to fillings and to treat and promote healing in gum infections, tooth abscesses and ulcerations.


Bottled Water

Much of the bottled water industry has to turned to Ozone for proper sterilization of its products. Ozone has proven to be the magical oxidant that can clean everything – the water, bottling equipment, bottles and caps. When it’s done cleaning, the ozone turns back into oxygen, leaving no residual taste or odor.


Public Transit

A number of public transportation systems use Aqueous Ozone to clean and
deodorize their vehicles and stations.

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) recently used EnozoPro
Sanitizing Spray Bottles to clean their train stations dealing with urine smells.
They reported a significant reduction in odor due to urine in their facility and plan
to expand usage of Aqueous Ozone products.

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