đź‘‹ Say Goodbye to Laundry Detergent đź‘‹

đź‘‹ Say Goodbye to Laundry Detergent đź‘‹



Time to put another load of laundry into the washing machine? Isn’t it always?


Cleaning your clothes is a perpetual chore that seems to constantly eat away at your free time. But it shouldn’t do the same to your physical health.


Typical liquid laundry detergents are chemical cocktails capable of harming people, pets and the environment. In addition to Chlorine Bleach, a known skin and lung irritant, your typical liquid laundry detergent contains dozens of hard to pronounce ingredients that are even harder to understand.


Chemicals liken Nonylphenol Exthoxylate (banned in Canada and Europe but still allowed in USA), Phosphates (exposure linked to cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (known to inflame skin, eyes and lungs), Dioxane (known to cause cancer; liquid and fumes capable of spontaneous combustion), Formaldehyde(typically used to preserve dead bodies), Ammonium Sulfate (manufacturers recommend not using indoors), Ammonium Quaternary Sanitizers (known as Quats, causes eyes, skin and lung damage), Benzyl Acetate (harmful to kidneys and nervous system) and Dichlorobenzene (a known carcinogen to humans and toxic to aquatic life) are all common additives or components of laundry detergent.


That doesn’t include common laundry detergent additives like brighteners, fragrances and dyes, all of which do zero cleaning and only serve to give your clothes the false appearance and smell of cleanliness. Worse yet, these chemicals are known to cause allergic reactions, rashes and lung irritation.


Washing your clothes shouldn’t be a life or death proposition, but sadly most people are bathing their clothes in cancer and birth defect causing chemicals that are left behind in clothing and ultimately absorbed into the body through skin.


Thankfully, o3waterworks offers a safer, affordable laundry solution without a single harmful chemical involved. In fact, the only ingredient is water! With one purchase that easily attaches to your washing machine, you can forever stop buying expensive, toxic detergents and even save money on your heating bill (the system uses only cold water).


The o3waterworks Aqueous Ozone Smart Laundry System requires no detergent at all. It turns your cold tap water into Aqueous Ozone, a powerful cleaner that requires no chemicals or additives like dyes and fragrances. With just water converted into Aqueous Ozone, your laundry will come out of the washing machine smelling and looking as fresh as it ever has.



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